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topic: cell physiology homeostasis- maintenance of the and consistency of the internal environment -failure to maintain disease/death 2 major fluid compartments • icf-intracellular fluid - bigger - 2/3 of the total body fluid - 25l (40%) body weight • ecf-extracellular fluid - smaller - 1/3 of the total body fluid - 20% total body weight -. Chapter 1 Introduction to Physiology • Introduction to Physiology • Four themes of Physiology . What is Human Physiology? • Physiology is the study of how normal body works to maintain life. • Physiology is an integrative discipline that utilizes biology, chemistry and physics to explain: o Functions of the human body. of development cells evolved structure called mitochondria for efficient energy production. The efficiency of oxidative phosphorylation was maximized in natural selection of the best. The mitochondria of cells in mammals are same in appearance and function. Some aspects of human physiology may be rapidly changing on the evolutionary scale of time. About 200different types of specialized cells carry out a multitude of functions that help each system contribute to the homeostasis of the entire body. At the same time, all cells share key structures and functions that support their intense activity. For ease of study, we divide the cell into threemain parts: 1. plasma membrane.
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